If you are interested in having solar panels installed, you need to have come a basic understanding of the essential components. Besides the solar panels, there is an inverter, mounting system and other supporting accessories. Ideally, solar panels will take in energy from the sunlight and give out direct current electricity.

The inverter plays an integral role of converting the DC to AC electricity, making it ideal for use in your home. There is also a monitoring system that will help you manage the solar system so as to ensure that it is performing in the optimally.

Installation of Solar Panels

In most cases, when it comes to the installation of the solar panels, the target area is the roof. This is the best place to get exposure to the sunlight. Most homes have a typical roof that can support the installation of the solar panels. However, in the event the design of the roof is inhibiting the installation, then you may choose to have them mounted on the ground. The only consideration is to ensure that there is nothing that blocks the access to sunlight.

Inverter Installation

The inverter will be installed near the main panel and it could be outdoors or indoors. However, most experts recommend to have the inverters in a cool place so as to enhance their efficiency. In most cases, you will find it installed in the garage or any other place in the house that has proper ventilation.

Monitoring System

Technology has really advanced and you can easily monitor the solar system using a computer or any other digital device. With the monitoring system, you are able to keep the solar system in check and be able to pick details of how much electricity they are generating at a given time.

Maintenance of the Solar Panels

Your professional solar panel installer will inform you that there is very little maintenance required when it comes to solar panels. This is mainly, due to the fact that they do not have moving parts. As such, the maintenance will entail inspection of the system, just a couple of times in a year. Cleaning is the main servicing required as the maintenance and ensuring that there is nothing that is blocking the sunlight. The best way is to have a professional company handle the maintenance and servicing so as to avert any potential issues.

If you ever notice some unusual pattern with the solar power that you have been receiving, it is advisable to call the experts to check if everything is working as required. Most manufacturers recommend an end to end examination of the system, after about 5 years.

Solar panel installation is the starting point for the use of renewable energy. The issues that we have highlighted in this article the basics that will help you understand and appreciate the solar installation. Using solar power has so many advantages and will reduce the cost that you spend on energy. With the right solar system, all your energy needs will be sufficiently covered.